Those kids up there in that photo collage?  They are pretty great.  We love them a lot.  We want to tell you a little about each of them, since if you do us the honor of reading this blog, they will be the major players.

Beckett Lyle, age 5, the eldest by one whole minute…

  • is hilarious
  • asks the best questions
  • has a mischievous streak
  • is creative and artistic and left handed
  • gives the best hugs on Planet Earth
  • can make very realistic fighting, truck, and weaponry sound effects
  • always has a runny nose
  • knows almost all the words to “It’s Tricky”

Ike Gary, age 5, second born…

  • is passionate
  • loves his mom a lot
  • is a Lego-maniac
  • enjoys Batman
  • closes his eyes and hums when he eats something delicious
  • has an attention to detail rivaled by no one
  • remembers all the things, sometimes even from before one normally has memory
  • is a fan of carnival rides

Elsa Kate, age 3, youngest…

  • is compassionate beyond her years
  • is shy
  • is not afraid to stand up to her brothers’ teasing
  • gave herself an unusually good pixie cut a few months ago
  • wears a dress or skirt everyday
  • wrestles and play fights with her brothers, and carefully tends to her baby dolls
  • responds to “I love you” with a smile and “me too”
  • enjoys soccer and gymnastics