There are seven schools in the International Schools Group, three of which occupy one campus across the parking lot from the U.S. Consulate office. The three schools on the Dhahran campus are Dhahran British Grammar School (DBGS), Dhahran High School (DHS), and Dhahran Elementary-Middle School (DEMS). I teach at the latter, which is completely foreign to me. I have 13 years of prior teaching experience, 100 percent of that at the high school level.

I have gotten to know well one of the teachers at DBGS. It sounds like U.S. and British educations hold little in common, nor do the teaching positions. (BTW: Did you know the principal at British schools are called Head Teachers?) Beyond that, I don’t know enough to comment more, but I fully intend to use this experience as a research tool into the varying systems of education provided by those on the eastern and western edges of the Atlantic Ocean. Not only that, I aim to pick up some of the sweet lingo and terminology the Brits, although I’ll never call soccer by its worldly name: Football. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll never talk about soccer anyway.

I captioned all the photographs.