A poem of wonder by Amanda Lester and Riley Worth

At 108 in the shade,
Wind becomes the breath
Of a dragon

At 108 in the shade,
Sweat, usually the body’s coolent,
Gathers around the midriff,
Creating doubt
About whether the dampness is swamp ass
Or you’ve unknowingly pissed your trousers

At 108 in the shade
Swimming becomes a Campbell’s soup experiment,
Joining wind and sweat on the bench
of team Formerly Refreshing

At 108 in the shade
Sidewalks are beds of hot coals,
Solely suitable for frat boy pledges
The only shots are water
With a water chaser

At 108 in the shade,
There is no cool side of the pillow,
Eggs beg to be fried on the stove,
And no one,
Absolutely no one’s
Got it made in the shade

108 in the shade
Is 112 in the sun,
Is 115 in the desert,
And back in the center
Of North America it’s
54 degrees …
For realz

and just like that
Blink Sweat
becomes the hot,
new band name